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2P!Itly x Rdr - Belle of the Bloody Ball EPILOGUE
Warning: 2P!Hetalia, so expect blood and creepy talk.
  You were a trade for mastermind Luciano Vargas. An evil man with odd colored eyes and a switchblade hobby for young women. When the law put him out of business with his partners in crime, he had no choice to yield to it or face prison. Since everyone is scared of him, no one dares to kill him. His new hobby of making a "contract", where he keeps a person for a week to be his servant, comes to you when you trade yourself for your little sister's place at Luciano's mansion. But Luciano feels something he never felt before. You are not just one of the girls that he's taken as a servant or killed before. Is this a sickness? Who is this mysterious man whose personality ranges from cold to killer? Will you live to find out?
"Luci!" Elizabeth yelled, running up to the man. Luciano picked her up and put her on his shoulders.
  "Hello, little snow princess! I like that coat!" Luciano said.
  You smiled a
:iconhorseandwolflover93:HorseandWolfLover93 289 206
Mature content
2P!Germany X Reader The Beautiful Captive :iconleakittychan:leakittychan 285 90
Wolf Pack :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 3,828 1,340 Stray Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 2,234 953 Warrior Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 3,711 1,023
Tony x pregnant! Reader. How many?!?! Oneshot
Tony x pregnant! Reader. How many?!?! One shot.
"(Y/n)! (Y/n)!!!!" Tony called to his beloved wife. He ran frantically through the halls of avengers tower looking for her. He had gotten a call from her fifteen minutes ago saying 'I think it's coming', he didn't need a second to think what she could have been on about;
The baby.
He came to their shared room and pressed his ear against the door. He heard her breathing heavily. He bust through the doors giving her, Natasha and Steve, who were there with her, a start.
"(Y/n)! (Y/n) dear are you okay! We need to get you to the hospital stat!" He panicked.
"Sweetie I'm fine. Turns out it was just a kick!" You reassured him.
"I-it...a kick?"
"A kick?!"
"Yes dear."
"You mean to tell me that I flew all the way from Washington just to be told; IT WAS A KICK?!?!" He said enraged.
"You mad?" You teased. He growled at you then sulked out of the room.
"Steve go council him!' Natasha ordered.
"Why me? I don't know anything about being a dad!"
:iconsapphirebdawg:sapphirebDAWG 326 149
Ship (Avengers/DeadpoolXReader)
It was never a good sign when the new Avenger's base was quiet. Normally you could hear Cap barking orders at the new recruits or Tony yelling 'Language' at someone while Cap was in the room. But today it was silent. Assuming Tony was up to something you cautiously made your way to the wreck room only to see the Avenger's lounging around bored. 
"(Y/n)! Finally someone fun!" Tony said when he saw you.
"Nuh uh Stark whatever it is your planning I'm out" You shook your head.
"Dont be mean (Y/n)" Tony pouted when you sat down next to Sam who sent you a small smile. 
"Fury's letting us have the day off" Steve explained when he noticed your questioning look.
"Ah good old patchy having a random act of kindness" You replied leaning back in your seat.
"Hey (Y/n) did you know the media ship you with some guy named Wade?" Tony asked randomly making you look over at him.
"Say what now?" You asked hoping you misheard.
"Yeah apparently a reporter got the scoop when this guy was heard yell
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 476 59
Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 24
“After them!”
The sky was a bright, clear blue, and the silver trees swayed serenely.
Your head pounded.
You turned your head slightly, eyes still half-closed. Captain Honda was pacing nearby, agitation etched on his face. There were only a few of his pirates around. You assumed the others had gone after Eliza and the others.
You looked back up at the sky, partly biding your time, and partly trying to find the will to move. Your bones felt like stone.
The crunch of grass under Honda's boots was too loud. The taste of death weighed heavy on your tongue. You felt like you might throw up.
You focused on attempting to locate a weapon to distract yourself. A foot away, lying in the grass, was a small knife. You glanced back at Honda, keeping your eyes mostly closed, and then edged your hand towards the knife.
Honda turned, and you fell absolutely still. “We are close,” he said, voice low. “I want the Stone. Tonight.”
He resumed his paci
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 22 36
America x British!Reader x England
America x British!Depressed!Reader x England

Warning: Curse words and depression.

And this fanfiction happens over time!


''No Alfred, but thank you, I can walk home alone.'' You said in your beautiful British accent while trying to outwalk Alfred. He was trailing behind you, and apparently wanted to tell you something important.
''Ah, never stop talking! I can't get enough of your accent!'' Alfred complimented you as he had caught up with you again. ''It's just an accent.'' you snorted. ''But I need to tell you something important [Name]'' Alfred said, suddenly very serious.
''Then tell me...'' You mumbeled looking down and started fiddling with your infashion long dress. ''I...'' He started. ''I don't think I can be your friend anymore...''

And that, my dear, is the sound of a big heart being broken in thousand unglueable pieces.

''Of course, I understand, I-I-I-I
:iconnorges-butter:Norges-butter 206 44
Dog!Hetalia x Reader- Intro
Enjoy, floofies~
Today was a special day, because it just so happened to be your birthday, and you were SUPER excited to see what you would get. Your parents had said that they have a big surprise for you, so you were anxiously scampering about your house to get things ready for Mindy, Austin, Liam, Abby, Sarah, and your parents to come by. Finally, everyone rushed in and hugged you.
Sarah grinned and slapped your back,"Happy birthday, girl!"
You laughed and hugged her,"Thanks, I might've peeked at your present, by the way."
The brunette's multi-colored contacted eyes widened and she slapped the back of your head,"You brat!"
You cackled,"You mad?"
"Oh maybe a little~" she said, waving her hand in a 'please', manner.
"Alright, alright, let's get to eatin' some cake and ice cream so you can see our presents." your mom said.
~Time Skip~
As promised, you got lots of great presents, Austin got you (most wanted game that you don't have yet), Liam didn't get you anything, bu
:iconshidaria:Shidaria 380 118
UryuxReader: Pride of the Quincy Part 44
You were fighting the strange hollow Soriboto, who was sent with two others by the ex-Soul Reaper Captain Sosuke Aizen to gather information on you and Ichigo. Uryu and Chad had been knocked out and you and Ichigo each fought one of the hollows while the third watched. It seemed you had the upper hand, with the way you were blocking all of Soriboto’s sword swings with your fire.
However, Soriboto jumped back. “See how you like this!” He opened his mouth. You blinked staring at him, wondering what he was doing, but you soon figured it out as energy started to form a ball in the center of his mouth. The energy grew to a ridiculous size because it went flying at you in a beam of energy. You need there was no way you were going to be able to stop this attack with just your fire. With the energy quickly charging towards you, you jumped to the right to avoid a direct hit, but you couldn’t dodge all of the attack. The energy ripped though your left hip causing you to g
:icon13youko:13Youko 17 0
Mafia!Romano X Mafia!Reader. A Mafia Tale. Final.

Part....I forgot again. Oh Yeah! Final Part.
    "How much more time? I'm hungry!" Priya complained.
    "Shut up!" you three yelled.
    "We're almost there, love." Arthur said. He looked up at the cliff face. 
    You guys were scaling it. You weren't the only ones. You had a birds eye view of everything. You could see the flashlights of Selene and her men. Right now, you guys were ahead. You wanted to keep it that way.
    "This is the most ridiculous thing I have done in my life." You said. You jumped onto another ledge. You griped on tight as you began to ascend. The cliff was a estimated five hundred feet. You guys were dangling at four hundred. 
    "Yeah, well at least we're not down there." Lovino looked down at the jagged rocks sticking of of the water. 
    "Shut up and move it! We have a hundred feet more to go." 
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 89 71
Mafia!Romano X Tomboy!Reader. Only One. Epilogue.
    A twenty four year old (Name) stared back at you in the mirror. You wiped the glass of the fog and looked at yourself. You didn't change a bit. 
    Four years ago, you would have hated looking into the mirror. Four years ago, you became the girlfriend of a Mafia don. Four years ago, you had you family back. 
    'Things have changed, haven't they?'  
    The relationship between you and Lovino never changed either. You had graduated college and now worked as Lovino's personal unofficial assistant. You two tried to spend as much time with each other because with Lovino being the next head of the mafia, he was constantly busy with 'duties.' You were either busy helping your sister out with the company or managing the mafia's  finances. Uncle Roma had trusted you enough to let you manage that. 
    A white dress was hanging on a hanger in your bathroom. You grimaced at the dress. Pro
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 224 112
He's a Tramp - Chapter 12 : Romano x Reader
He's a Tramp - Chapter 12 : Romano x Reader
    No sooner had his name left from your mouth than the tanned Italian stepped forwards and pulled you into a snug embrace, burying his face into the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his torso and choked back a small son of relief. Even though it had been only a short amount of time since he had stormed out of your apartment angrily, you had still been so completely and utterly worried about his safety and his well being. You gently rested your cheek on the top of his chocolate colored locks, and closed your eyes in contentment. It soothed your heart to simply have him back in safety, right here with you.
    "Well, well, well! If I didn't-a know any better, I'd-a say that the two of you were-a quite the couple, sí?" came the jovial, yet also very relieved voice of Mr. Vargas. Lovino's whole body tensed, and his arms tightened around your middle to the point where you sudden
:iconkarpetashipper7:karpetashipper7 31 24
The Fate of Fenrir
Child of Loki, giant's spawn,
Odin's doom in wolfish form.
Evil-born or betrayal turned?
By the Gods and people spurned.
Judged, tried, convicted through their fear,
of the threat you might be some future year,
They chose to bind you strong and fast,
though they knew it could not last.
They told you it was just a game,
something to test and prove your name,
they'd tie you up in every fetter,
but none could hold you any better,
Like silken threads you snapped each one,
steel and stone were soon undone,
finally they brought a ribbon, frail and thin,
yet some dwarfish magic sparked deep within.
Your suspicion roused, you tried to refuse,
they taunted you, "Afraid you'll lose?"
Angry, yet sly, you gave your permission,
on one firm, final, bloody condition.
One of the Gods, to prove it's in fun,
must place in your jaws, from wrist to thumb,
their own precious hand to prove it a jest,
before you'll fulfil this final test.
Without hesitation, Tyr volunteered,
the God of War seemed not a'feare
:iconflyingthroughwater:Flyingthroughwater 162 68
After Ever After. Female!Reader x Hetalia
"Bloody Frog!"
"Caterpillar Brows!"
"I'm the hero!!"
"Shut up you twat!"
" Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!"
It was that time of month when the countries of the world got together to discuss the worlds problems. They had all gathered in London and, as usual, were getting nothing done. Well, that's if you don't count the bickering and catfights as getting something done.
"Aiyah! You're all so immature aru!"
"Become one with Mother Russia da?"
Yep, you guessed it. That was Germany.
"We come here to discuss the worlds problems and try to solve them! As usual, instead of acting like mature adults, you are all acting like little childre-OUCH!"
All of the nations stared at the girl that had suddenly and, for no reason whatsoever, fallen out of the ceiling. Slowly she stood up and brushed her (h/c) hair out of her eyes.
"Well I must say, that went a lot better in my head!"
She took in the shell-shocked nations and rolled her eyes.
"What? Haven't you
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